Quick Trips

Let’s talk low carb at Panera! They have so many great salads, and I must say I am pretty obsessed. I don’t even feel bad that all I want is a pick two with two salads…

All day every day.

I did a rapid pickup, because I love how easy it is to customize and get a general idea of carb content. I fully intended to pick up my food and go home, yet the weather was just too nice today!

But we all know the one incredibly hard challenge with low carb and keto food at Panera… the dreaded baguette!

I’m not even a huge baguette person. I used to give it to my mom, or my husband, every time we went, but now it’s all I want. I love the option of no side, keeps cravings at bay for a while.

What is your favorite salad at Panera? What should I try next time? I could use some variety in my salad game, now!

Xo, Morgan

Published by

(Not So) Simply Morgan

I am a wife, cat mom, and on a food adventure. I have been diagnosed with a few autoimmune diseases and learning the best ways to use diet to my advantage! Follow me on my crazy journey.

2 thoughts on “Quick Trips”

  1. For sure the Asian salad, although since doing keto I have to pass on the fried wontons (which I used to ask for extra of!). Also I no longer get your baguette, let alone my own! 😢🤣


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