So honestly, the last few days have been so crazy!

My husband and I live an hour from where we grew up. We moved for his schooling, back in August. It was a crazy change but we both appreciated being alone for the start of our marriage.

Family and friends would come up on weekends, or we would go back down. Either way, we were still pretty involved with everyone still.

This past weekend, we spent almost a week down there. It’s making me miss my home town so much. Where we are now is so small, and a drive to a lot of things. I miss the convenience of what we had before we moved.

I’m slowly looking at houses online, which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time! Who knew?

I’m also leaving my job, which can’t come soon enough. I’m just ready for a change, and growth, somewhere else.

What is your favorite personal growth book? Or even your favorite tips!

Published by

(Not So) Simply Morgan

I am a wife, cat mom, and on a food adventure. I have been diagnosed with a few autoimmune diseases and learning the best ways to use diet to my advantage! Follow me on my crazy journey.

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