Changes make you grow.

Life has been crazy. Absolute chaos.

We moved from our on campus town house, to my parents, to our house that we bought in October.

While moving in to our house, I was super sick. I ended up getting worse over time, not better. I got help, and was rediagnosed celiac. Again. Second times the charm right? While figuring out that diagnoses again, I was working in retail. I was under so much stress that I could not heal.

Then I got a dream job. Assistant Toddler Teacher. Guys! I work with one and a half year olds! My heart is so full, every single day. The way they run to me when I get in the class is everything I needed. The hardest part of my job is when they move up to the next class. My Monday through Friday routine gets switched up and I no longer get to watch them grow!

I was not mentally prepared for my first move up. Monday is the second move up and I’m still not prepared.

Life has definitely calmed down, finally. It’s not without drama, and issues. But it is so worth living.

Xo Morgan

Published by

(Not So) Simply Morgan

I am a wife, cat mom, and on a food adventure. I have been diagnosed with a few autoimmune diseases and learning the best ways to use diet to my advantage! Follow me on my crazy journey.

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